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Boris Popov, DeepCove Labs (SNN)
Alan Knight wrote:
> There seems to be something interesting in your package such that
>    Root whoDefinesBinding: theBindingInQuestion
> comes back with nil, indicating the binding is not defined in any namespace, not even Undeclared. The system should probably be able to handle that gracefully, but it sounds like this package may have more problems that not being able to compute its prerequisites properly.

Sorry for the delay, I just haven't had a chance to jump in the debugger
since. Here's where the problem is, and you be the judge of who's at fault.

We'll use an existing package as guinea pig, say Compression-ZLib, where
class ZLibInterface has a method,

    <C: typedef long z_off_t>

Now, lets take a look at the things it references,

(ZLibInterface compiledMethodAt: #z_off_t) allLiterals ... IdentitySet
((ResolvedDeferredBinding key: #z_off_t))

Now, the reason why #z_off_t resolves locally, of course, is because
ZLibInterface explicitly imports OS.ZLib.ZLibInterfaceDictionary.* where
aCTypedefType instance called z_off_t lives. Unfortunately trying to
look up this symbol in the local bindings of ZLib or ZLibInterface is
pointless, which is why recursive lookup from Root comes back with nil
in the first place.

ZLib localBindingFor: #z_off_t ... nil
ZLibInterface localBindingFor: #z_off_t ... nil

Oh yea, this means that if you try to calculate prerequisites for
Compression-ZLib, you are destined to see the error in its fully glory
for yourself. Or even, say, OS-Support etc, pretty much any package that
defines subclasses of ExternalInterface is cursed in the current



> At 12:29 PM 1/10/2006, Boris Popov wrote:
>> This exception pops up when trying to compute prerequisites for a package (7.4):
>> Unhandled exception: Message not understood: #absoluteSymbol
>> UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand:
>> Store.PackageModel>>includesDataKey:owner:
>> Store.PackageModel>>definesName:in:
>> optimized [] in [] in Refactory.Browser.DeploymentPrerequisitesTool>>addReferencePrereqsFrom:to:
>> OrderedCollection>>detect:ifNone:
>> optimized [] in Refactory.Browser.DeploymentPrerequisitesTool>>addReferencePrereqsFrom:to:
>> IdentitySet(Set)>>do:
>> Refactory.Browser.DeploymentPrerequisitesTool>>addReferencePrereqsFrom:to:
>> optimized [] in Refactory.Browser.DeploymentPrerequisitesTool>>computePrerequisites
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