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called back to this customer(Luo), and confirmed that this is smalltalk
product's issue:

1) Their database(smalltalk) crashed today,and they had rebooted their
system, it seems to work now, but they wants to know whether it will crash
again, and need to know whether it is known issue or has any patch for it.
2) They have 24*7 support contract, so they requested a technical support
asap(expect to get a call to have a quick investigation.)
3) Their contact number(mobile): +86+13916842266, or
4) Their case number(not vmstar): #8791

Could someone who knows smalltalk look into this issue?


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Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2013 1:52 PM
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Subject: Support Call - [hidden email]

Please make sure support case is updated to ensure commit time is in

Name: Derica Luo
Email: [hidden email]
Country Code: 86
Contact Phone: 2161006100
Extension: 6755
Case Number:
Federal: Yes
Product: GemStone
Severity: Urgent Severity (1)
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