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Re:Twindow with a tweak project?

Rob Van Pamel
Rob Van Pamel <rob.vanpamel <at>> writes:

> Is this an impossible thing ? or am i at the wrong address to ask this
question? I tried to file-in some classes
> i found on the internet to help me but it doesn't want to work at all.
> When does a Croquet manual comes out. I need it very hard but i can't find it
anywhere. Or perhaps some
> tutorials to do some things. I have done the DMU tutorials but is that all
there is ?
> Kind regards
is it possible to create a Twindow with a tweak project inside it?
I tried the folowing code but that doesn't work.
  win := CUserDialog new.
  win dialogLabel value: 'Info Selected object'.
  win buttonRow removeAll.
  win addButton: 'OK' value: nil.

  window := TWindow new.
  window contents:win.
  window translation: (0@0.25@2).
  self parent addChild: window.

I also looked at some code but i cant find a class where something like this is
done. Maybe somebody could help me with this.
Or with a normal morphic project or there examples for this?

==> since the original version got lost somehow i repost it here. I hope i get
some response now.