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Re: [Unicode] Update of page 'Multilingual Squeak'

Hi Hannes,

It's looking like we should be able to conflate a bunch of existing
facilities and code.  The various Smalltalks seem to have approached
Unicode like the old story of the blind men describing an elephant.

There are lots of components when are usefully described and dealt
with, and if we can just put them all together it'll will be less new
work, and we should get a more portable outcome, and a more robust

On 7 December 2015 at 08:21, H. Hirzel <[hidden email]> wrote:

> I updated the page
> 'Multilingual Squeak'
> and some related pages.
> Many pages have not been touched for 10 years.
> I realized that a lot of infrastructure exists but seemingly people
> are not aware of it or do not know how to use it.
> In particular collation sequences are missing though there are
> LanguageEnvironments. Pharo being a fork has most of it. It would be
> an issue to check how much it differs and fold back or forth necessary
> changes. The infrastructure as such seems to be capable.
> --Hannes

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