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David Faught
To save you the trouble of googling (huh?) here's a quick reference:

I still tend to Google things as a reflex action, but now I usually read the Wikipedia entries first in the hits.  Somehow that statement sounds like a nerd's bad joke.  Here's another one: What do you call it when you search Wikipedia (like googling on Google)?  Wikisee?  Pedialight?  WikiPeSea?

Andreas Raab wrote:
> ... I have never heard the name Collada before you mentioned it. And even right now (since I haven't googled it yet) I don't know what it is and how it relates to VRML or Croquet. Care to elaborate? ...

Joshua Gargus wrote:
> Is there any principled reason that you chose VRML instead of Collada?
> Just curious.