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Re: VRML vs COLLADA, serialization of data structures religious bent

Hans N Beck

> The main reason to go with an XML schema is that it is language  
> "neutral."  The main
> reason to not go with XML is that is language "neutral" (it is a  
> language).  It
> all depends on what you want to interoperate with.  Personally, for  
> me, I think
> it would be fine to interoperate with C++ globally declared  
> variables (assuming you
> can find a compiler or interpreter that supports forward  
> references).  I tend
> to think that conventional programming languages are more than up  
> to the
> task of doing serialization within the same language, and XML is  
> unnecessary
> in many cases.  The C/C++/C#/Java community gave birth to the XML  
> monstrosity, no
> need for people outside that community to leap on the bandwagon,  
> unless of course,
> they want to interoperate with the C-style community.
> P.S.:  I program in Java.  I have written serialization/
> deserialization routines for
> C++ data structures (in C++), and a SAX parser for textual Java  
> Object[] arrays (XML to
> textual Object[] arrays and back to XML).
> Admit to yourself:  Do you really like XML?

Depends on view. Doing commercial things, staying and playing with  
commercial environment, I would say yeeeess ! Definitively. Doing  
research or just playing with ideas alone in the world, one could  
talk about :-) There may be better possibilities to implement meta  
information for data, of course :-))



> John "Death to XML" Carlson
> At 08:26 AM 4/26/2006, David Faught wrote:
>> To save you the trouble of googling (huh?) here's a quick reference:
>> I still tend to Google things as a reflex action, but now I  
>> usually read the Wikipedia entries first in the hits.  Somehow  
>> that statement sounds like a nerd's bad joke.  Here's another one:  
>> What do you call it when you search Wikipedia (like googling on  
>> Google)?  Wikisee?  Pedialight?  WikiPeSea?
>> Andreas Raab wrote:
>> > ... I have never heard the name Collada before you mentioned it.  
>> And even right now (since I haven't googled it yet) I don't know  
>> what it is and how it relates to VRML or Croquet. Care to  
>> elaborate? ...
>> Joshua Gargus wrote:
>> > Is there any principled reason that you chose VRML instead of  
>> Collada?
>> > Just curious.