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Philippe Marschall
On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 8:43 PM, Johan Brichau <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Hey Philippe,
> Now that a session cache is a unidirectional cache, it seems there is a
> broken case: when an unregistered session is being accessed,

How is this done? Shouldn't this be intercepted in WARegistry >>

> we need to
> throw a WAUnregisteredHandlerError.
> For example, it goes wrong in this issue:
> I’m tracing back to where this should occur and, while doing that, I noticed
> that WARegistry>>keyFor: has been removed (mentioned in the changelog for
> 3.2.0) but not WARegistry>>keyFor:ifAbsent:
> There’s a couple of senders leftover but should that not be removed as well
> since WAApplication has a unidirectional cache and this required a
> bidirectional cache?

WARegistry vs WAApplication, a common cause of confusion: WARegistry
is a generic registry for generic request handlers and needs
bidirectional cache. WAApplication is a registry only for WASessions
and can do with an unidirectional cache. WASession now knows it's
key/id to make this work. I thought I tracked down all users.

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