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Re: [aida] Swazoo logo proposal

Janko Mivšek
Michael, Nadja, just perfect!

I especially like proposed Swazoo designs and I think we now have a
Swazoo logo, we just need to pick one! And this will be hard. Really.
Namely, it is hard to choose among so many excellent choices. If you
choose one, you like to choose another one too :)

But let me try:

- I like first three because of chosen font and a bird.
- Another one with interesting font is those with zebra.
- And that one with star (SWA*ZOO) is just simply perfect. It is also
very applicable, probably most from all designs. By the way, the text
bellow would be better: 'smalltalk web server'
- elephant one, hmm, make me wondering, which animal to choose for
Swazoo maskot, if any (in a tradition from other opne-source projects
like Perl etc). About both proposals, here I would choose first elephant
but add S at the start for clarity.

That's from me. What do others think?


Michael Rueger wrote:

> Hi all,
> Nadja did another round of designs based on the feedback this time also
> for swazoo.
> Cheers
> Michael
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Janko Mivšek
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