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Re: [etoys-dev] forward command won't execute

Steve Thomas

Moved the conversation to the Squeakland list ([hidden email])  One thing to double check is that your colors are exactly right.  You may want to try resetting them (click on the color in the Test, then on the color you want).  Also your No in the first test, seems to execute the exact same test. So it will never get to that Yes.


On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 2:31 PM, McGehee, Randall <[hidden email]> wrote:

Hello all,

 Brand new to eToys...I apologize right now if this is wrong avenue for my question.

I can't get the second of three commands (forward 3, the 2nd one) to execute in the "else" (no) part of an "if" (test) statement. Everything else works, it just seems to ignore that line.
Please see attachment.

Troup ISD
Troup, Texas

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