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Re: link errors on building new VM

On Sunday 06 March 2005 9:47 am, Martin Kuball wrote:

> I thought might try to compile myself a new VM. So I downloaded
> revision 954 from
>,  installed
> VMMaker 3.8.b2B into a fresh 3.8g image, created the interpreter
> stuff and compiled it. I found the following errors:
> interpreter.c uses getImageName, wich is nowhere implemented. Changing
> this back to using the variable imageName seems to work.
> in sqUnixEvent.c are references to recordMouseEvent.reserved2,
> recordKeyboardEvent.reserved3 and sqDragDropFilesEvent.reserved1.
> These variables do not exist in the record structures defined in
> sq.h. Removing the offending code in sqlUnixEvent.c seems to work.
Try applying the following changes (which I will commit to the repository as
soon as I can figure out how to get permission to do so).

Ned Konz

unixVM.diff (2K) Download Attachment