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Lincke, Jens
Hi Bruce, 

to be able to post to the mailing list.

when I start it, I get something like:

$ lk server
Selected life_star
Server with pid 6772 is now running at http://localhost:9001
Serving files from /Applications/

and then I open a browser at localhost:9001


Von: Bruce Haugland <[hidden email]>
Betreff: Install script does not seem to be working.
Datum: 1. August 2013 18:45:24 MESZ

I have been trying to install lively kernel on my KUbuntu System Version 13.04.

The install script gives me an error that npm cannot find the version specified.

I then followed the manual install instructions.  However when I run lk server nothing happens.  I am simply returned to the command line.

I have tried different versions of node.js with the same results.

Are there instructions for deploying Lively Kernel on Apache.  Or am I retrieving the wrong version of lively Kernel.

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