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Re: [opendbx] Can we update the SqueakDBX description in website?

Mariano Martinez Peck

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 10:09 PM, H. Hirzel <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hello Mariano,

Does this mean it is not working in Squeak anymore?

I have no idea. None of us use Squeak since years :(

Another thing is that now DBXTalk involves much more projects than just OpenDBXDriver.
So the UI depends on I don't think it will work in Squeak.
Glorp, I don't know, maybe, we should try.
The autogeneration of mappings, depend on Magriite, so maybe it works.
Since nobody ever tried to run it in squeak, I don't know if they work.
I am quite time-constrained (finished thesis writing), but if someone needs help in trying to make it work, I am happy to answer.
What I remember is that last time I did a test with Squeak on Linux I
had problems with prerequisite software not with the Smalltalk driver
as such.

Yes, maybe. But if that is the problem it should be easy to fix.

For which versions of Smalltalk has SqueakDBX been tested?

Pharo. And years ago Squeak. Someone port it to Dolphin, but he never sent me the .pac or anything. I was only told "it works" :(


On 6/24/12, Mariano Martinez Peck <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Hi Norbert, in
> now it says
> SqueakDBX <>  Database driver for Squeak, a
> Smalltalk-like programming language
> Can we change it to this:
> DBXTalk
> An Open Source Relational DB Solution for Pharo Smalltalk programming
> langague
> And the link to DBXTalk should be
> thanks!
> --
> Mariano

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