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Re: [squeakRos] [Q] How deal with unwanted looking to private stuff?

Edgar J. De Cleene
> Folks:
> This days I working on HVNaughtieWiki , send info for feedback to squeakros
> and to aida list.
> Besides some squeakers looking this work in progress, this morning I have the
> attention of Google
> This is the print string of request.
> HttpRequest (URL=/file/squeak.sts; protocol=HTTP/1.1; header=a
> Dictionary('accept'->'*/*' 'accept-encoding'->'gzip,deflate'
> 'connection'->'Keep-alive' 'from'->'googlebot(at)'
> 'host'->'' 'user-agent'->'Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;
> Googlebot/2.1; +' ); getFields=a Dictionary();
> postFields=a Dictionary())
> All is  Comanche + HV2 and some on top.
> How deal with this?
> Refuse the  connect ?
> Send a error page?
> Any hints is welcomed
> Edgar

Besides the quick dirty of dealing with Google I sent yesterday, now I cook
some more nice.


Shows the encripted page.
Now I add a captcha ,Morphic style, and we could have super private data on


Like it?

Feedback welcomed

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