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Real-time statistics

Janko Mivšek
Dear all,

Maybe it's time to introduce you a bit the integrated real-time
statistics in Aida/Web. To see it live, look at statistics of Aida's site:

What you can see there is a number of hits of first page (today,
yesterday, until now), following with a graphical view by days in
current month and by hours in right column.

In monthly graph you can go and see previous months too, And there is
also a yearly view (by months back from when web site was created).

Another very useful statistics is Referrers (click on tab with that
name). There you can see today, yesterday, that week and all referrers
until now.

Referrers show you from where your visitors are coming from. If your web
site is mentioned in some blog article, or announcement, you'll
immediately see, what impact this announcement has.

By default every Aida website has statistics switched on and accessible
on /stat.html. Try that on your own web site!

Best regards

Janko Miv?ek
Smalltalk Web Application Server