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Release 0.18.1

Herby Vojčík
Hi there!

I released version 0.18.1.

Some inside structural changes in Compiler code.

Fixes typos with new syntax of inline JS method bodies:

   <inlineJS: 'return 'foo ' + self._foo()'>

Is mistyped, should be either

   <inlineJS: 'return ''foo '' + self._foo()'>


   <inlineJS: 'return "foo " + self._foo()'>

In 0.18.0, it was treated as backward-compatible inline JS form, so it
interpreted the whole

   inlineJS: 'return 'foo ' + self._foo()'

as a JavaScript code (which would compile fine and fail in runtime with
"ReferenceError: foo not defined"). Now, it detects that it is probably
a typoed new form, and fails fast in parser.


   npm -g install amber-cli

to be able to create new projects with `amber init` that use new version.

More on the changes in:

As for upgrade of existing project, it's always the pain point. I'd like
to have functionality similar to `react-native upgrade`. In the
meantime, you can simulate in general way by doing `amber init` in
separate directory, supply same values as in old project, then copy
files back and use diff to sort things out.


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