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Release 0.18.2

Herby Vojčík
Hi there!

I released version 0.18.2.

Some inside changes in DOM-related stuff. New package Platform-DOM is
added, which is not loaded by default but modules that use it should
import it. It is then used in Web and Domite / Silk to do some
DOM-related work.

Convenient `asDomNode` added which returns text node for a String,
document fragment for a Collection and DOM node itself when called on
DOM node itself (otherwise, MNU). Domite / Silk instances as well as
TagBrush instances from Web has `asDomNode` implemented as well,
returning the DOM node they wrap.

Another convenient method is String >> htmlTextContent which allows you
to do

   '© 2017 Ty Coon' htmlTextContent`

to get '© 2017 Ty Coon'.

Also, Web, Domite, Silk and Helios get new semver-bumped release b/c
they use Platform-DOM.


   npm -g install amber-cli

to be able to create new projects with `amber init` that use new version.

More on the changes in:

As for upgrade of existing project, it's always the pain point. I'd like
to have functionality similar to `react-native upgrade`. In the
meantime, you can simulate in general way by doing `amber init` in
separate directory, supply same values as in old project, then copy
files back and use diff to sort things out.


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