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Release 0.18.3

Herby Vojčík
Hi there!

I released version 0.18.2.

Biggest change: TRAITS!

They actually work, but read the caveats below:

   - `uses: TFoo + TBar` DOES NOT work. Use `uses: {TFoo. TBar}`
   - `uses: TFoo @ {#bar -> #baz} - #(quux)` DOES work
     - but only applied to trait itself, not to the whole composition
   - changing `uses: ...` of existing classes / traits DOES work and
updates all that is needed
   - changing / adding / deleting trait method DOES work and things are
updated all way down
   - methods from traits are shown in both IDEs by appending ` (TFoo)`
     - they are not protected in any way, though, so
       - deleting them may delete the method in trait
       - editing and/or saving them saves method locally
         - deleting it uncovers trait one again
     - aliased methods are tricky, to use them is safe, but do play with
them in IDE may bring strange results
   - There is NO classTrait. Traits have only instance-side.
     - OTOH, you can add `uses:` to metaclass directly. It just needs to
be in a trait of its own.
   - create traits by editing class definition pane (in both legacy and
Helios) to be `Trait named: #TFoo [uses: ...] package: '...'`
   - after traits are created, Helios DOES NOT show them. Click to
different package, then click back to see it.
     - In other situations, Helios may behave similarly. Just click away
and click back.
   - deleting traits in Helios via Ctrl+sp,x,c DOES work.
   - moving traits to different package using Helios menu as well as
editing package in definition DOES work.
   - copying traits via Helios menu DOES NOT work.
   - renaming traits via Helios menu should be working (but users are
not updated).
   - traits are NOT used yet in the system nor any library
     - 0.19.0 will be move to use traits internally, as well as other
libs' newer releases
   - there are no tests :-/ but I feel safe enough to use traits anyway

Kernel was changed because of traits a bit. Former boot.js is now split
in three files kernel-fundamentals.js, kernel-language.js and
kernel-runtime.js; boot.js just glues them and initializes Amber.

Also, #asJSON was deprecated in favour of #asJavaScriptObject (and
pretty internal #asJavascript in favour of #asJavaScriptSource).


   npm -g install amber-cli

to be able to create new projects with `amber init` that use new version.

More on the changes in:

As for upgrade of existing project, it's always the pain point. I'd like
to have functionality similar to `react-native upgrade`. In the
meantime, you can simulate in general way by doing `amber init` in
separate directory, supply same values as in old project, then copy
files back and use diff to sort things out.


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