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Release 0.19.0

Herby Vojčík
Hi there!

I released version 0.19.0. Also, accompanying libs (web, jquery, legacy,
silk, domite, helios) get bumped release.

Lots of inside changes. Format of .js file changed slightly.

Old code from 0.18.x (maybe even 0.17.x) should load fine. OTOH, it is
advised to bump libraries to newest version and recompile all your app
code to new format. One way to bump libs is described in To
recompile your code, you could either run `grunt` from your CLI if you
keep your `Gruntfile.js` up to date; or do `Compiler recompileAll` in
Workspace and after it finishes, commit all packages of your app (do not
commit libs / amber itself), then reload.


   npm -g install amber-cli

to be able to create new projects with `amber init` that use new version.

More on the changes in:


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