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Release 0.29.0

Herby Vojčík


Another minor version release is out, the 0.29.0!


   npm -g install @ambers/cli

and your new projects will be created with new version.
For cases where npm think it knows better (and new project is still
based on older version, find out in package.json), try:

   npm -g install @ambers/cli -f

and if even that does not help, this should:

   npm -g uninstall @ambers/cli -f
   npm cache clean -f
   npm -g install @ambers/cli -f



* Inlining of #and: and #or:.

Yes, those two selectors are now inlined by the compiler.

This may be breaking if you use #and: or #or: in your classes. That's
why this is another significant number increment.


To upgrade your not too old project, this should suffice:

   npm install @ambers/lang@^0.29.0

The mechanical, though needing a bit of tools expertise, although
working, way to do the upgrade of older project is to create new project
with `amber init` with the same name as the old project, copy the files
over to old project, and go over the diffs (shown by git / IDE / both)


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