Release Announcement: Siren 7.5 Music/Sound Package for Smalltalk

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Release Announcement: Siren 7.5 Music/Sound Package for Smalltalk

Stephen Travis Pope

Hello all,

Siren 7.5 is now available!

The Siren system is an open-source general-purpose software framework  
for sound and music composition and production; it is a collection of  
about 375 classes written in the Smalltalk programming language and  
intended for use with for the VisualWorks Smalltalk system (though  
most of it is portable to other dialects of Smalltalk). Siren  
includes cross-platform support for MIDI and audio I/O; the source  
code and documentation files are all available from the Siren home  
page at

To get the entire release, grab

Siren Documentation

Siren 7.5 includes a set of new documentation, including an update on-
line workbook,

a complete reference manual,

a brief paper on the recent updates,

a detailed book chapter on the framework,

and an hour-long in-depth video introduction available in lo-fi (94  
MB) and hi-fi (240 MB) versions at

What's New?

Many parts of Siren were upgraded, enhanced, or rewritten for the 7.5  
release. All of the external interfaces (e.g., for sound I/O, MIDI,  
FFTW, and other external libraries) have been rewritten to be more  
portable and robust. The entire EventScheduler has been updated, and  
there are several new packages, such as the CSL and Loris application  

In addition to this, Francois Pachet's pitch class framework was  
ported from his MusEs system. The support for OpenSoundControl has  
been updated and improved, so that Siren can serve as an OSC-
generating client for servers written in several languages, such as  
CSL and SuperCollider.

Two new tools - the SirenUtility and the SirenTransport - have been  
added to assist users with general environment maintenance and with  
session state, and data persistency has been incorporated into the  
SirenSession class. Lastly, the documentation, including the web  
pages, the on-line Siren workbook, and the complete reference manual,  
have been greatly enhanced in Siren 7.5.

The new release also includes compiled binary releases of the support  
frameworks Siren uses (PortAudio, PortMIDI, FFTW, etc), which are  
available at

To join the Siren mailing list, please use the web form at


    Stephen Travis Pope  --  Santa Barbara, California, USA

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