Reminder – 2048 contest

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Reminder – 2048 contest

Thomas, Arden

Reminder – 2048 contest

Reminder, There are 20 days left until the submission deadline.  I strongly encourage any Smalltalk developers to consider participating.

2048 Developer Contest

I have received many requests and inquiries from non-Smalltalkers who want to look at Smalltalk and the code examples.   This is an excellent vehicle to introduce those unfamiliar with Smalltalk to the elegance, power, and capability of Smalltalk.

Experienced Smalltalk developer submissions are an opportunity to teach and demonstrate the power of Smalltalk to the non-Smalltalk developers, in a fun way.  I see this as an opportunity to grow the community.

A big thank you to those participating or considering participation!



Arden Thomas
Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager

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