Removing contents-changed marker from Rubric on save

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Removing contents-changed marker from Rubric on save

Evan Donahue
Currently, if you add a "composite text" view using gtInspector, the editor lets you use ctrl+s to save changes to the local inspector.

However, if you intercept ctrl+s to implement an actual save function, as FileReference does, the text editor no longer knows to remove the contents-changed indicator. You can see this in the current FileReference inspector:

f := FileSystem disk / 'tmp' / 'filerefinspectortest.txt'.
f writeStreamDo: [ :s | s nextPutAll: 'test data' ].
f inspect. "Change the data and hit ctrl+s. The contents-changed indicator is still there."
f inspect. "If you inspect again, you will see that the contents have indeed been saved to disk."

How would I change code like the FileReference >> gtInspectorContentsIn: code to make the content-changed indicator work properly? Who is in charge of that indicator and how do I tell them to turn it off?