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Request for help

Dear Croquet community members,

Our company,, is developing collaborative application for
planning and scheduling tasks and tracking their execution. The software is
designed to work as a learning environment as well as a production-grade
enterprise system. This software project is part of a broader PraxOS
research and business program, explained in more detail atЗаглавная_страница#English_PraxOS (this is our
project's wiki site, today mostly in Russian language).

We are experimenting with TAEMS ( as
a standard for plans and schedules, and we are attempting to use Croquet to
bring collaborative features and rich user interface to our application.

By the end of July we are planning to have an online seminar for early
adopters of our planning methodology. We are going to invite for
participation our former and present clients from different locations, thus
our need for a collaborative environment is urgent.
Unfortunately, our first attempts to use Croquet were not encouraging.

We'd encountered problems at early stages, just trying to create a Tweak
project in 1.00.18 Croquet image. Whenever we open a Class Browser in Tweak
project, the system just hangs infinitely at an attempt to add a new class
category or to save a project.

Could you please tell us whether we are doing something wrong, and what
should be done to achieve correct results. Perhaps you can figure out more
recent and correct image to use, or suggest installing some specific

We run 1.00.18 Croquet image on Windows XP Pro (Toshiba laptop), but the
same problems with creating new class category were registered in other
environments on computers of our team members. Meanwhile we are successfully
developing core application classes in Squeak with the hope to port them
later on into Croquet to take an advantage of collaborative environment and
user interface.

  Michael Potyomkin, software desiger