Responses by contributors to MIT proposal

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Responses by contributors to MIT proposal

Janko Mivšek
Dear all,

As you probably know few months ago I contacted contributors and ask him
what they think about change of license to MIT.

 From the list of contributors to VW main line:

        ken         Ken Treis
        dfarber     David Farber
        mivsek      Janko Mivšek
        mas         Mark A.Schwenk
        jbacanskas  Joseph Bacanskas
        claus       Claus Gittinger
        jdbell      Jerry Bell
        swaring     Steve Waring
        alexb       Alexander Bandelj
        bbadger     Bruce Badger

... I managed to contact all except David Farber and Aleksander Bandelj.
And because Aleksander's OpenSSL interface is currently not part of
Swazoo 2.x, David is effectively the only one not contacted yet. Has
someone his contact info?

As I already said, all above contributors I contacted were for the
license change or they  didn't care about which license is chosen, just
that is the best for Swazoo and Smalltalk community. No one was against,
except Bruce and Ken Treis, but Ken is willing to listen and compromise.

Few words from those responses would illustrate the best the main mood
of Swazooers about this relicense effort (I hope authors won't mind to
cite them without mention their names):

"As far as I am concerned you can set the license to MIT.  I want people
to use the code."

"As for why I'd prefer MIT over LGPL if given a choice - like Andreas
said, LGPL seems to be a little murky and I don't understand clearly
what it requires.  Also I have read that some interpretations of LGPL
say that LGPL licensed libraries can not be linked into the Squeak VM,
and that sort of thing makes me doubt the validity of LGPL libraries in
the image as well."

"I am not sure that I have any code in the current versions of swazoo,
but if I do, I would be happy for it to be licensed as MIT or any other

"I vote for MIT. I was not too happy with LGPL for Swazoo or Glorp from
the beginning."

"As I am not a legal guy, I cannot really be of much help here. I think,
the MIT licence is ok - as far as I remember, its more liberal than the
lgpl. I personally tent to not like licences which pollute the rest of
the product - but that is (as far as I remember) also not the case with
lgpl. So I am actually not very emotional about this decision.
I trust you that you will take the right decision... "

Best regards