Roassal 0.9.1 is out!

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Roassal 0.9.1 is out!

Pharo Smalltalk Users mailing list

Roassal3 is an agile visualization engine for Pharo 8 and Pharo 9. Roassal is made to visualize data in an interactive way data. The GitHub website is
It contains tutorials and many documentations.

We are happy to announce a new version of Roassal3, 0.9.1. Here is a summary of the release description:
This version 0.9.1 improves Roassal3 in many different aspects. Here are the most relevants:

• A lot of class and method comments
• Improvement of the animation capabilities
• Improvement of Chart, the charting library
• Better highlighting mechanism
• Added some tests that check for the dependencies of Roassal3, just to make sure we do not introduce an unwanted dependency
• Improvement of the popup
• Better search in canvas capabilities
• Improvement of the force based layout
• Improvement of the stroke lines
• Many many more bugs fixes and small improvements...

We would to thank everybody for making this to happen. You truly Rock!


Alexandre Bergel