SLE 2016: Call for Participation

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SLE 2016: Call for Participation

Andrei Chis-2

** Call for Participation **

9th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software Language Engineering (SLE 2016)

Oct 31-Nov 1, 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

(Collocated with SPLASH 2016)

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Software Language Engineering (SLE) is the application of systematic, disciplined, and measurable approaches to the development, use, deployment, and maintenance of software languages. The term "software language" is used broadly, and includes: general-purpose programming languages; domain-specific languages (e.g. BPMN, Simulink, Modelica); modeling and metamodeling languages (e.g. SysML and UML); data models and ontologies (e.g. XML-based and OWL-based languages and vocabularies).


30 September 2016 (Early Registration Deadline)

** VENUE **

Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

## Program Highlights

### Keynote

-  Robby Findler
   Redex: Lightweight Semantics Engineering

### Awards

During the conference, we will announce the following awards:

- Distinguished paper. Award for most notable paper, as determined by the PC chairs based on the recommendations of the program committee.

- Distinguished reviewer. Award for distinguished reviewer, as determined by the PC chairs using feedback from the authors.

- Distinguished artefact. Award for the artifact most significantly exceeding expectations, as determined by the AEC chairs based on the recommendations of the artifact evaluation committee. Sponsored by Raincode.

### Accepted Papers

- Adding Uncertainty and Units to Quantity Types in Software Models, 
  Tanja Mayerhofer, Manuel Wimmer, Antonio Vallecillo

- Automated Testing Support for Reactive Domain-Specific Modelling Languages, 
  Bart Meyers, Joachim Denil, Istvan David, Hans Vangheluwe

- BSML-mbeddr: Integrating Semantically Configurable State-Machine Models in a C Programming Environment, 
  Zhaoyi Luo, Jo Atlee

- Coupled Software Transformations—Revisited, 
  Ralf Lämmel

- DrAST - an inspection tool for attributed syntax trees (Tool Demo), 
  Joel Lindholm, Johan Thorsberg, Görel Hedin

- Efficient Development of Consistent Projectional Editors using Grammar Cells, 
  Markus Völter, Tamás Szabó, Sascha Lisson, Bernd Kolb, Sebastian Erdweg, Thorsten Berger

- Efficient Model Partitioning for Distributed Model Transformations, 
  Amine Benelellam, Massimo Tisi, Jesús Sanchéz Cuadrado, Juan de Lara, Jordi Cabot
- Execution Framework of The GEMOC Studio (Tool Demo), 
  Erwan Bousse, Thomas Degueule, Didier Vojtisek, Tanja Mayerhofer, Julien DeAntoni, Benoit Combemale

- Experiences of models@run-time with EMF and CDO, 
  Daniel Seybold, Jörg Domaschka, Alessandro Rossini, Christopher B. Hauser, Frank Griesinger, Athanasios Tsitsipas

- Full-fledge Role Modeling Editor (FRaMED), 
  Thomas Kühn, Kay Bierzynski, Sebastian Richly, Uwe Aßmann

- Language Design and Implementation for the Domain of Coding Conventions, 
  Boryana Goncharenko, Vadim Zaytsev

- MetaEdit+ for Collaborative Language Engineering and Language Use (Tool Demo), 
  Juha-Pekka Tolvanen

- Object-Oriented Design Pattern for DSL Program Monitoring, 
  Zoé Drey, Ciprian Teodorov

- Parsing and Reflective Printing, Bidirectionally, 
  Zirun Zhu, Yongzhe Zhang, Hsiang-Shang Ko, Pedro Martins, João Saraiva, Zhenjiang Hu

- Principled Syntactic Code Completion using Placeholders, 
  Luís Eduardo de Souza Amorim, Sebastian Erdweg, Guido Wachsmuth, Eelco Visser

- Runtime support for rule-based access-control evaluation through model-transformation, 
  Salvador Martínez, Jokin García, Jordi Cabot

- Raincode Assembler Compiler (Tool Demo), 
  Volodymyr Blagodarov, Yves Jaradin, Vadim Zaytsev

- Side effects take the blame, 
  Felipe Bañados Schwerter

- Symbolic Execution of High-level Transformations, 
  Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi, Aleksandar S. Dimovski, Andrzej Wasowski

- Taming Context-Sensitive Languages with Principled Stateful Parsing, 
  Nicolas Laurent, Kim Mens

- The IDE Portability Problem and its Solution in Monto, 
  Sven Keidel, Wulf Pfeiffer, Sebastian Erdweg

- Towards a Universal Code Formatter through Machine Learning, 
  Terence Parr, Jurgen Vinju

- Xdiagram: A Declarative Textual DSL for Describing Diagram Editors (Tool Demo), 
  André Santos, Eduardo Gomes

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