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David Faught
I wrote:
><rant>It has been stated a few times in different places that, >right now, the core teams want to spend their time concentrating >on getting the bugs shaken out of the next much-anticipated >Hedgehog version of Croquet, so that it can be released. I am >very surprised that a couple of them have taken the time to >participate in this thread.

Actually, I am positive that the core teams regulate their time better than I do, so who am I to say anything about this?

> ... (shaking finger in their general direction) ...

This would be a really good trick, considering the geography.  Think of it as a virtual billboard finger shaking.

>I know that they are very interested in discussions like this, >and once the new version is released and most of the bugs are >squashed, I'm sure that they will have a bit more time to >participate.</rant>

This might be wishful thinking on my part, but at least it may be more of a possibility.