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SQLite decimal field

Alistair Grant
Hi All,

I'm using Glorp to map on to an existing SQLite3 database, but can't
find a platform type for decimal.

The table is created with:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS "securities_cynumber"
"value" decimal NOT NULL,

Looking in SQLite3Platform and DatabasePlatform I can't see anything
that maps to a decimal.

Would someone mind confirming that it doesn't exist, and whether there
is a simpler workaround than adding support to SQLite3Platform.

If I do need to add support, I assume it would use the ScaledDecimal

ST: Pharo 5.0
Glorp: Glorp-PierceNg.126
SQlite3: Glorp-SQLite3-PierceNg.1

Thanks very much,

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