Script to Convert ConfigurationOf to BaselineOf

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Script to Convert ConfigurationOf to BaselineOf

Sean DeNigris
I got tired of manually converting Configs into Baselines, so I wrote a
little script. You pass it the selector of a #baselineXyz: method, and it
converts it (i.e. changes the pragma, removes the blessing and repo, etc)
Hopefully you will find it useful. Cross posting to Pharo Users list...

ConfigurationOf>>#createBaselineFrom: selector

        | projectName baselineName baseline methodTree commonBlockBody repoSetter |
        "Create new class"
        projectName := self name allButFirst: self superclass name size.
        baselineName := 'BaselineOf', projectName.
        baseline := BaselineOf subclass: baselineName asSymbol
        instanceVariableNames: ''
        classVariableNames: ''
        category: baselineName.
        "Convert baseline##: method"
        methodTree := (self methodNamed: selector) parseTree.
        methodTree selector: #baseline:.
        methodTree pragmas at: 1 put: (RBPragmaNode selector: #baseline arguments: #()).
        commonBlockBody := methodTree statements first arguments last body.
        repoSetter := commonBlockBody statements detect: [ :e | e selector = #repository: ].
        commonBlockBody removeNode: repoSetter.
        "Compile baseline method"
        baseline compile: methodTree newSource classified: 'baseline'


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