Seaside 2.8 final version

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Seaside 2.8 final version

Philippe Marschall

After a beta phase of two months we release the final version of
Seaside 2.8. Most bugs fixed during this period were either long
standing (already in 2.7), minor or portability related, Together with
the dozens of Seaside 2.8 applications already in production today
this gives a pretty good feeling about this version. A special mention
deserves Roger Whitney, thanks to him we went from 99 commented
classes to 144.

We have a list of new features [1] and a migration guide [2] on our homepage.

You can get it either from SqueakMap, Universes or directly
via Monticello [3]. A special note for Squeak users,
do not load Seaside 2.8 into an image that has already Seaside 2.7 in
it. If you use Squeak 3.7 you will have to load SeasideSqueak37 as


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