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Seaside Gettext support


    i load correctly the Gettext support into:     Pharo 6.1-64 Latest update: #60510

    In the image was load the Seaside 3.2

    Now i do:

    (ConfigurationOfSeaside3 project version: #stable )
            load: #( 'Seaside-Gettext-Core' 'Seaside-Gettext-Examples').

    The system erase the error: 

NaturalLanguageTranslator class(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #domainRegistered:

TextDomainManager class>>registerDomain:
[ self registerDomain: domainName ] in TextDomainManager class>>domainInfoFor: in Block: [ self registerDomain: domainName ]
[ self at: key put: aBlock value ] in Dictionary>>at:ifAbsentPut: in Block: [ self at: key put: aBlock value ]
TextDomainManager class>>domainInfoFor:
TextDomainManager class>>registerCategoryPrefix:domain:
WAGettextExample class>>register
WAGettextExample class>>initialize

    Some considerations ?



After the error i restart the image and the: WAGettextExample class>>initialize   works well.

Now i don't understand what i need to do for create the relative  .pot  file.

The  WAGettextExample export  method  reference the: WAGetTextExporter  but  is not in the system.

The  GetTextExporter  exportTemplate  create only the  pharo.pot   file   (  ...  the relative  works fine ).

Thanks for considerations,

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