Seaside Meeting on the Leftshore

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Seaside Meeting on the Leftshore

Boris Popov-6
What: Informal Seaside/Squeak/VisualWorks/Smalltalk Meet Up

When: Friday, August 18, 2006 @ 6:00PM PST

Where: Stamp's Landing Neighborhood Pub - 610 Stamps Landing,
Vancouver, BC

Who: Everyone with interests in Seaside, Squeak, VisualWorks and
anything else to do with Smalltalk is welcomed to join us for a beer
(coffee, milk, coke, juice, water) or two and informal chat about state
of things in the Seaside world and whatever else people choose to catch
up on. There is no agenda, simply because putting a bunch of passionate
Smalltalkers in the same room seems to turn into a good thing on its
own, so why ruin it? ;)

So far we have myself from DeepCove as well as folks from Smallthought
confirmed in attendance, please comment or email if you are planning on
coming, or simply drop by the pub if you wish to stay anonymous. More
people, the merrier, so pass this message on.



DeepCove Labs Ltd.
4th floor 595 Howe Street
Vancouver, Canada V6C 2T5