Seaside WASession in Multi tab/ multi browser apps

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Seaside WASession in Multi tab/ multi browser apps

Sanjay Minni

I assume that each tab has its own instance of WASession or Subclass. (Correct ?)

When i take a running apps url from the browser's tab, and paste it it in a new tab / new browser window - the pasted tab replicates the original tabs content (just for info - its a database based appl P3 or mongotalk but thats not important), and if i continue the application crashes / goes haywire which is ok.

1. how can i prevent the pasted link from replicating the original tab.

2. I want to allow the user opening multiple tabs / browsers from a single machine with the same credentials which my appl check but want my application to track as 1 user and count as 2 only if 2 different desktops - how to implement this