Seaside now rendering request error response

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Seaside now rendering request error response

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Hi guys,

I had this working since a long time and for some reason it seems it stopped working and I am not sure when nor how. I am using Seaside on GemStone 3.3.3. The scenario I am describing is an error (DNU) raised at RENDERING time caused from a normal request (not AJAX). 

On the server side, I am generating the response to the error this way:

handleRenderingError: anException with: wallbackComponent
  self requestContext
    respond: [ :response | 
        contentType: WAMimeType textHtml;
            (self rendererClass builder
                fullDocument: true;
                rootBlock: [ :root | self updateHtmlRoot: root forException: anException ];
                render: [ :html | 
                      "In case of a rendering error, we render the wallbackComponent but we do not render it;s buttons as callbacks won't work at this point."
                      wallbackComponent shouldRenderButtons: false.
                      [ html render: wallbackComponent ]
                        on: Error
                        do: [ :ex | html render: 'Error rendering error page: ' , ex printString ] ]) ]

On Chrome, when I analyze this, I see I do get the 500 error and I get the correct html in the response. See attached screenshots from Chrom Dev Tools. As you can see, I do get the HTML, I can even preview it, and the error is 500. yet.... that HTML is not renderer in my browser. I mean...the browser keeps showing the original page that triggered the rendering error.  Previously (when this was working) the page would be replaced with the HTML of the response which shows a nice error report. 

Any idea what may have changed or what could be going on?

Thanks in advance, 

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