Self-corrupted image, causing VM crash after a few seconds of use?

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Self-corrupted image, causing VM crash after a few seconds of use?

Christoph Thiede

Hi all,

I do not know whether this sort if problem is known, nor whether this is the right place to report them. For the last year, I now have experienced a few incidents where my VM crashed unexpectedly, each time using a different image.

Yesterday, without any prior warning, without me fiddling around at any low-level code I would consider system relevant, my VM crashed. After reopening the image, I can run a limited number of commands before the image crashes again. I can leave it open for 5 mins without doing anything, but after running a few operations, mainly opening new morphs or projects, it always crashes again. I reproduced this a few times and collected two different kinds of error reports:

  1. crash.dmp:
    In this case, #primitiveGarbageCollect failed with lots of StackOverflows - the dump file is mainly Greek to me, but if you are interested, I can share it with you.
  2. SqueakDebug.log:
    In other cases, the image crashed without producing a dump file, but a debug log instead (which, btw, was not always complete). I found it quite interesting that it contained various DNUs which made me suspect any kind of weird assignment mismatches: An ImageMorph having the extension false, a PluggableTextMorphPlus having a Point as #myDependents, a ScrollBar having a Rectangle as a submorph, aMorph having a Point as #fullBounds, ...

So allow me some questions:
  1. Is this a known kind of issues?
  2. How can one fix it? (Fortunately, I always have backed up my image's version history on OneDrive, but it would be good to know if there are any solution approaches.)
  3. If you can need it, I will be happy to gather more information from my image.