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Senior Smalltalk Developer/Team Leader available

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let me introduce myself and announce my availability to companies who are looking for Senior Smalltalk professional.

I am Software engineer (MS) - Senior Smalltalk Developer/Team Leader, with strong (20+ years) experience working with multiple smalltalk dialects: Visual Works, Visual Age, Pharo, Dolphin,... and many different industries. 

My experience stretches across network-service operations, financial, online accounting, desktop publishing and healthcare industries. I am SAFE and Agile practitioner, making sure to make things work and getting things done.

Since 2017 I am working in Ericsson Canada as Team Leader with other great technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, Nifi, Cassandra, NodeJs Javascript, Java and other.  More details about everything will be provided in my resume.

I am dual Citizen of Canada/Serbia. I am currently resident of Canada and I am looking into moving to Serbia and back to Smalltalk. At this Covid time I will be ideally looking for remote job position, and I will be happy to respond to any inquires, share ideas, and to forward my resume on demand.

Best regards,

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