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Dmitry Matveev-2

 I have a problem (or just a misunderstanding) on how to serve a static
 content with Swazoo. I use Swazoo 2.2 in Squeak 4.1

 When I "doit" the following code in the Workspace

 | site resource composite |
 SwazooServer singleton removeAllSites.
 site := SwazooSite new name: 'test'.
 site host: '*' ip: '*' port: 8888.
 SwazooServer singleton addSite: site.

 composite := CompositeResource new uriPattern: '/'.
 resource := FileResource uriPattern: 'hello.html' filePath:
 composite addResource: resource.
 site addResource: composite.

 SwazooServer startOn: 8888.

 The server wakes up ok, but when I'm trying to rich the
 http://localhost:8888/hello.html, firefox shows "waiting for
 localhost..." and nothing more happens (browsing other addresses on
 localhost:8888 results with 404 so the server really works).

 I have tried to debug the FileMappingResource>>answerTo: and explored
 all the execution flow from the debugger, everything looks ok, the file
 is found and the response is created.

 I assume that I do something wrong and there is no issue with Swazoo.
 Could anybody point me out how to setup the static content serving

 Best regards,

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