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Simulator 2

Chris Cunnington
I think I created a better rig. Leaving Cog out of the picture seems to work better.

A standard image from with VMMaker loaded in from MetacelloRepository.

I create a fullscreen stimulator.image with the code in the workspace:

(InterpreterSimulatorLSB new openOn: 'source.image') test

Then open the stimulator image and execute. I get the satisfying "Object Pointer Relocating" message and it's on its way.

I then get a ByteSymbol>>coerceTo:sim: error stemming from Interpreter>>addNewMethodToCache

While this could work, I don't get the impression that this is how people hack the vm: activating the simulator; getting the satisfactory image; generate C files to compile.

I bet people hack the methods in the Interpreter class directly. I bet that's faster than getting the simulator to work and then doing things in slow motion with the slow simulator.

The simulator is more historical than practical, I'm thinking.


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