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Skeletal Animation public contribution

David Faught
Just added on the Jabberwocky PublicContribs repository:

Filename: SkeletalAnimation-daf.71.mcz
Author: David Faught
Timestamp: 14 December 2007 8:25:30 pm
Ancestors: SkeletalAnimation-daf.70.mcz
Message: Added full subMesh support as faceGroups and materialList.
Now accepts materials that do not have textures. A couple other little


This is the current code for my contribution to the UMN Skeletal
Animation project.  This allows the code to work for Blender-exported
Ogre animations as described on the page at

I have forwarded the actual model files to Mark McCahill, and he has a
place in mind to serve them from.  In this code version, the models
are loaded in the SkeletalAnimationDemoWorld>>initialize method from a
hard-coded directory location.  Take a look at that method and make it
work for your environment.

There are some other planned enhancements, like loading the models as
avatars, that haven't happened yet.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.