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SlangBrowser updates

David T. Lewis
I have updated SlangBrowser to maintain it as a package (mostly) separate from
VMMaker. The intent is that it can now be loaded into any of the various VMMaker
projects, hopefully including Cog, Hydra, and Exupery.

SlangBrowser enables viewing of generated C source for the interpreter and plugins
directly from system browsers.

The change sets are at and also attached here
for reference.

If you are using VMMaker from the SqueakSource project, the supporting changes
are in VMMaker-dtl.111.mcz, and SlangBrowser is saved as a separate package in
the VMMaker project. The CodeHolderMenuRegistration changes (also attached) are
separate from VMMaker, and are on Mantis


SlangBrowser-VMMaker-dtl.1.cs.gz (6K) Download Attachment
SlangBrowser-Package-dtl.1.cs.gz (5K) Download Attachment
CodeHolderMenuRegistration-sq3-8-dtl.1.cs.gz (4K) Download Attachment
CodeHolderMenuRegistration-sq3-9-dtl.1.cs.gz (4K) Download Attachment