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Smalltalk app demo for GSoC [WAS] Re: [squeak-dev] Re: [Seaside] Google Summer Of Code 2010 news!!!

Mariano Martinez Peck

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 3:08 PM, stan shepherd <[hidden email]> wrote:
I know the deadline approaches, however- how does the community feel
about a project to implement a real demonstration system (along the
lines of defunct Sushi store)?

This sounds REALLY greate. PLEASE take a look to
the answer to point 2).  It would be cool if I can add "And even more, we have a project which aim is to build an application demo to show the rest of the world what kind of things can be done in Smalltalk nowadays"  or something like that...

Presumably in Seaside, but whichever
framework the community/mentor/student decided on. With a nice
interface using (again presumptively) jQueryUI to give a pleasant
end-user experience.

Similarly implementing a persistence solution.

Would be cool to show different persistence soliutions. At least a OO database (magma for example), a RDBMS, and some serialization or similar.
The idea is to present potential newcomers to Smalltalk with a viable
stack that could be picked up as is, to give a starting point for
developing web applications. Potentially they could simply make a
hosted copy, on the same server.

The idea would be that on the various examples page, you could access
an e-commerce site running a Smalltalk technology stack. Ideally
really selling something Smalltalk related, (proceeds to eg ESUG),
maybe also an Amazon affiliate page . If you liked it, you could copy
the whole project, change eg your Paypal details, change your
products, and be in business. (Obviously there are real world
considerations - this is the concept). And coders looking for examples
would see code that was fully completed, not onClick: (... some alert
saying you clicked but no real example of how to handle it, eg how to
transfer the order line details to the payments server).

I think it would do wonders for the take-up of Smalltalk.

If people like the idea in general, I'm happy to write up the brief. I
don't think i'm the right person for the mentor, but you know who you
are ;)

Yes, please, at least for me it sounds cool. And goes in the direction of the "application text".

The only thing I am concerned a bit is the scope of the project. It seems quite big. Maybe you should scope it and put "must have" but also "wish list" or bonus items.

We need mentors!!!!!  any volunteer ?


For the student, they would get experience in implementing the
application itself , as well as assembling the stack. They could be
the next Auctomatic founders.

Do people think it's useful for me to develop a proposal?



Cheers,   ..Stan

PS I realise that picking a component as part of the stack is fraught
with possibilities of offending supporters of an alternative project.
But more Smalltalkers overall means more potential users of each

On 6 March 2010 12:04, Mariano Martinez Peck <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Hi smalltalkers. I have been asked to be the admin of GSoC 2010. The backup
> or second admin is Janko Mivšek. As you may know, Squeak has participated in
> GSoC 2007, 2008 but failed (not accepted) in 2009. We are not sure if we
> will succeed this year but we will try to do as much as possible.
> We think that one of the most important reasons why we failed in 2009 is
> that Google was looking for bigger communities that Squeak. This is why this
> year we all go under the ESUG umbrella. We present ESUG as the mentor
> organization and we cover ALL open-source Smalltalk dialects, not only
> Squeak. Pharo, Smalltalk/X, GNU Smalltalk, Cuis..they are all invited to
> participate. Also cross platform projects like Seaside, AidaWeb, Magma, etc
> are welcome.
> <forThoseWhoDoesntKnowWhatGSoCIs>
> It is a Google program that support (money) students to work on different
> open-source projects. Google doesn't talk or manage directly to the students
> but trough "Mentoring Organisations". Those organizations have to apply to
> GSoC. They have to give a lot of information, included a list of
> ideas/projects. Each project has a description and a mentor. Then the
> students apply for each project. If the organization gets selected by Google
> they will tell you how many "slots" they give. Suppose they give 5 but we
> have 20 projects....then we vote and the most voted projects win. The
> student has to do the project and the mentor has to help and guide him. The
> mentor receives 500 USD and the student 4500USD.
> For more information read:
> </forThoseWhoDoesntKnowWhatGSoCIs>
> The most important thing is the deadlines we have. We started late so we are
> very near to the first deadline which is 12/03/2010 (less than one week).
> For that deadline we need to submit all the information of the mentor
> organization (answering several questions) and give the list of
> ideas/projects and the mentors of that.
> We have created a webpage (Thanks Janko!!) where we will put all the
> information. We will make this page public soon (we still need to review a
> couple of things).
> But for the moment we would REALLY appreciate if tell us your ideas. To do
> this, just answer to this email. Then we will collect the information and
> put in the website. For each idea you need:  a short title and a paragraph
> (for the moment) explaining the idea.
> After, we need that the people that are willing to be mentors start to apply
> as mentors...please, consider yourself being mentor. Sometimes it is not
> that difficult. I mean, don't be shy as sometimes being helpful, being aware
> of the dates, answering emails, etc is more important than the Smalltalk
> knoweldege. We can have a lot of ideas, but we need also mentors for that.
> We even would need a "substitute" for each mentor...
> Just as an example you can see the ideas of the previous years:
> 2007:
> 2008:
> 2009:
> That's all for the moment.
> Cheers
> Mariano
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