Smalltalk notebook for visual data narratives and open/citizen/garage science.

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Smalltalk notebook for visual data narratives and open/citizen/garage science.

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas-2

First mail to the list. My name is Offray Luna-Cardenas and I'm really
pleased to see this project. I'm a newbie on Smalltalk, but I have the
opportunity to teach with EToys and Bots Inc and Scratch in 2006 and
from that time I have being interested in Smalltalk and the ideas behind
it, specially the metamedium and dynabook.

I would like to advocate that the conditions for a Notebook for visual
data narratives and open/citizen/garage science made in Smalltalk are
there now that we have Pharo 3, Roassal and Moose Playgrounds. I think
that this notebook could be made essentially by putting  these
playgrounds ordered in a tree/outliner. I have made a similar argument
for a tree like interface for IPython notebooks on [1] and I'm using
this tree-like writing experience for my own writing of my PhD Thesis
[2] (Spanish) and I have started to explore some visual data narratives
in Roassal/Moose[3] (Spanish). I have shared this idea and questions
about it in the Pharo/Moose mailing list now that I'm just making a
mockup of this using Moose browsers while I learn Pharo with this
problem oriented approach.


Now I'm starting to see how to version and share the code of my mockups
with Monticello. Pharo/Roassal community is pretty responsive and I
don't know well where to ask or if it's fine to make cross-posting on
several list, but this one seems more closer to the idea of a open
notebook for visual data narratives, so I just one to present myself and
the idea.



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