Some Lively Benchmarks

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Some Lively Benchmarks

Dan Ingalls-4
Some Lively Benchmarks
Thanks to the folks at HPI, we have an informal benchmark for Lively at...

Note: when making comparisons, be sure to frame the window so it includes the whole scene.
We can now run it on four browsers.  Here are the figures I got:

    Browser            Frame rate  Max latency    cpu
    Firefox 3.6.3          12 fps    75/210 ms   120%
    Opera 10.52b           21 fps        58 ms    98%
    Safari 4.0.5           32 fps        42 ms    80%
    Chrome 5.0.342.9b      55 fps     35/60 ms   110%
[2.4 Ghz CoreDuo Mac running OS X 10.6.3]

Note:  I've indicated where there seem to be GC pauses causing bimodal latency.  It's clear that we need the FrameRateMorph to produce a little plot rather than just the numbers.

Since I seem to be in a benchmarking mood, let's check the pure JavaScript speeds with my tinyBenchmarks for JavaScript

Here are those figures:
    Browser            Simple ops      Sends
    Firefox 3.6.3        584M/sec   3.4M/sec
    Opera 10.52b        1100M/sec    32M/sec
    Safari 4.0.5         900M/sec    34M/sec
    Chrome 5.0.342.9b   1550M/sec    46M/sec
[2.4 Ghz CoreDuo Mac running OS X 10.6.3]