Sorry about g/inbox/FFI-Tests-cbc.9.mcz

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Sorry about g/inbox/FFI-Tests-cbc.9.mcz


Too long since I use Squeak (mostly Cuis for some time).

I was trying to submit the attached as a new package version.

The added FFI unit test is for big structs and to check changes I made for the arm64/aarch64 FFI.

I am only running arm+Linux and would appreciate help in getting the FFI-tests properly packaged and any testing on other systems.

Also, the latest VMMaker and opensmalltalk-vm updates should pass green on the aarch64/arm64 stack+spur vm (no Cog yet).  The arm64 VM should run Squeak & Cuis.  Not yet Pharo.

Any help appreciated!

-KenD (37K) Download Attachment