Squackers 1 November 2006: RSVP

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Squackers 1 November 2006: RSVP


Hi all--

     Thanks to all who came out to the tenth-birthday-of-Squeak edition
of Squackers! Thanks especially to Dan Ingalls and his family for their
hospitality and a wonderful time.

     Every month I host "Squackers", a meeting of Squeak hackers. It
happens near San Francisco, USA, on first Wednesdays from 8pm to 10pm
pacific time; the next one will be on 1 November 2006. We get together
to show what we've been doing and dreaming in Squeak. We also tie in
people from far away via AIM (for audio and video) and VNC (for computer

     In November we'll have an OOPSLA redux, I'll show a timekeeping
system I wrote for consulting projects, and we'll watch and discuss
other demos and topics that people have.

     Please let me know if you can make it (either in person or
virtually), if you need directions, and if you have something you'd like
to show or discuss. My AIM ID is "threnkeldwingnut".

     proceed for truth! :)


Craig Latta