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Thomas A Petersen


From the SqueakMap entry:

Name:       NetModel
Summary:    Analytical modeling for simple data networks
Author:           Dave Faught <[hidden email]>
Owner:            Dave Faught <[hidden email]>

NetModel is a simple modeling tool for data networks.  It allows you to
a simple network of hosts/routers and connecting circuits and evaluate its

The documentation that is included is intended for someone that
understands Squeak basics, especially the Halo and the Morphic Viewer.

I used it a time or two with different graphics to show a customer why you
want to get rid of the ten magabit hub between the high bandwidth server
and the rest of the corporate network.  I wish this tool had been around
twentyfive years ago when we were trying to do a big circuit routing
project.  It would have really helped.

I've been able to load it into a 3.8 image. When 3.9 goes beta, I'll post
things I find about Connectors and other discoveries.  Right now, It looks
like We're trying to get the infrastructure refinements worked out.

Thanks again for the excellent work that is being done.

Thomas A. Petersen wrote ( with your comments ):

> Goran, Stef, Daniel, et. Al,
> I appreciate all of the good work you and the rest of the  coordinators
> done keeping the community together.  Your willingness to step in  and
> things in some semblance of order is a great thing.  There are a  lot of
> mere “users” out there who are thankful for gifted people who are willing
> to give of their time and talents to keep this fine place to think
> in positive directions.

As I said my personal goal is to have a system that support the
vision of Dan:
      "A system that one person could understand" because I think that
this is
really cool to be able to learn from the system.

> I use Squeak in various places to:
> Prototype ideas and perform parsing that other environments render
> impossible.  Smacc and NetModel are very cool.

Can you let me know what is NetModel?

> Connectors and the Diagram Browser aare powerful tools for creating
> and database diagrams.  I hope that Hernan can update Jacaranda to
> Connectors 2 some day.  I miss having his classes to subclass off  of.
> needs Erwin when you have Squeak!
> Squeak is a great place to show my Boy Scouts what a real computer
> and development environment can be.  I mentor the Computer badge.

> I hope life and work will allow me to contribute more than kind  words in
> the future.

me too :)
> Tap