Squeak Roundup 2/5/2008

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Squeak Roundup 2/5/2008

Ken Causey-3
Squeak Roundup #2
February 5, 2008

Here you will find a quick summary of announcements and related items
from recent weeks that never quite made it to the Squeak Announcements
mailing list.  See the end of this message for more meta-information.

Not too suprisingly I'm going to start this second issue with a
correction to the first: being the lazy sort I used copy and paste where
I could and since there were two Squeak-Dev/Squeak-Web releases in the
last issue I used the same text and adapted.  Except I missed changing
the month in the heading.  Oh well, I hope that wasn't too confusing.

Swazoo 2.1 Web Server Released

Janko Mivšek announces a new release of the Swazoo Web Server.


AIDA/Web 5.6 Released

Janko goes on a fwe days later to announce a new version of the AIDA/Web
Web Development Framework.


Dan to speak at Stanford: "The Lively Kernel" - Jan 16

Brad Fuller forwards an announcement of a talk by Dan Ingalls regarding
his Lively Kernel project at Stanford.  In the email you will find a
link for a site that includes video of the presentation.


About the New Compiler

Marcus Denker kindly issues a couple of reports on the design of the new
compiler.  More information can also be found elsewhere in these threads


Delta Stream Status

Matthew Fulmer reports on the progress on the development of Delta


Smalltalk Scientific Publication Action

Stéphane Ducasse reports on action on the part of the European Smalltalk
Users Group to encourage the publication of international conference
papers involving implementations using Smalltalk.


Dynamic Languages Symposium (DLS) 2008 -- Call for Papers

Robert Hirschfield presents a call for papers for DLS 2008.


Smalltalk UK Meeting on Saturday 8th March

Bryce Kampjes announces the beginning of planning for a March meeting of
the Smalltalk UK users group.


SqueakPeople Certifications

Germán Arduino announces the availability of a web page implemented
using Squeak and Seaside providing some different views of SqueakPeople


Aida/Web Anniversaries

Janko Mivšek announces that AIDA/Web is celebrating it's first 10 years
of continuous use in for a web application.


Preparation for a 3.9.1 Release

Stéphane Ducasse announces the intention to release a 3.9.1 update for
3.9 and begins a discussion of proposed changes for this release.


Open Meeting Regarding a 3.11 Release Team

Edgar J. De Cleene announces an open meeting to discuss the formation of
a team and planning for the 3.11 release of Squeak.


FunSqueak 5

Edgar J. De Cleene announces the availability of a new alpha release of


SqueakFoundation Elections

Göran Krampe announces the start of the 2008 Election process to select
the next set of SqueakFoundation Board members.


New Releases of Squeak-Dev and Squeak-Web for February

Damien Cassou announces the availability of the latest releases of his
customized development images.


Squeak VM Bazaar Repository Mirror

Göran Krampe announces that he has made available a mirror of the Squeak
VM SVN repository available through the Bazaar versioning system.


This issue ended up rather long because frankly I forgot that I had
started doing this.  Hopefully I won't leave it quite this late next

This periodic publication is meant to capture those Squeak related
announcements which appeared on public mailing lists but were not sent
to the Squeak Announcements mailing list.  Ideally there would be no
need for this publication but use of the Announcements mailing list has
not quite settled in the community's unconscious.  So if you have an
announcement and do not wish to suffer the fate of my terse summaries I
suggest you Cc [hidden email] .

Ken Causey

Announcements and News from the Squeak Community
Squeak: http://squeak.org/
[hidden email]

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