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Re: Squeak release process - CI server

Chris Cunnington

On 12-07-31 7:29 AM, Frank Shearar wrote:

> OK, so we have a git repository containing the bits necessary for
> running CI tests. I don't know if we have two missing ingredients: git
> installed on squeak-ci, and the jenkins plugin for git. I _may_ be
> able to install the latter (I haven't tried), given that I have
> Jenkins credentials. Who might I presume upon to install a recent git?
> (It ought to be as simple as an apt-get.) Chris Cunnington?
> frank
More "yum install git". It's the Squeak box that's Debian.

I've installed git on CentoOS. I've installed the "Git Plugin"
and "Github Plugin".
You can do it as an admin by going to Manage Jenkins>>Plugins. There are
some remaining if you need more.
Jenkins is now restarting.

My "Jenkins The Definitive Guide" has passages on git, which I'll look
at presently.