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Squeak tutorials available

Howard Stearns
Matthew Fulmer has been hard at work putting together an annotated list
of Squeak tutorials. See http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/792

Thanks, Matthew!

-- background --

Croquet piggy-backs on top of Squeak (http://squeak.org):
  - partly because we need a bit identical cross-platform environment.
  - partly because Squeak is a damn good self-documenting dynamic
language programming environment.
  - partly because it's got a heck of a lot of good libraries built in,
with a great community making more.

Croquet itself is distributed as a Software Developer's Kit: to do
anything, you need to do some programming using the examples given. This
programming is done in Squeak.  Croquet doesn't provide tutorials on the
Squeak platform or Smalltalk language, but the very active
Squeak/Smalltalk community does.

Howard Stearns
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Division of Information Technology
mailto:[hidden email]
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