SqueakNOS is back!

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SqueakNOS is back!

Gerardo Richarte
Hi everybody!

After almost 5 years of official inactivity, SqueakNOS, apparently, has come back from its ashes. This article will try to describe what we are releasing today as a bootable ISO image, talk a little bit about how we got here and a little bit about what's coming next. And quite probably, about some other related things too.

Today, in SqueakNOS-16-May-2006.iso you'll find:

  • a bootable ISO image for PC computers (better playable with vmware).
  • the .image and .chages files corresponding to that SqueakNOS.
  • the C sources and everything you should need to rebuild it.
  • Read the full article at SqueakPeople

        Returning bye!
        gera (ex Richie/Richie++/r++)

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